Working in the supplement industry makes you very cautious about “miracle products”. Other companies get in trouble for over-promising and under-delivering all the time. We pride ourselves in never falling into that trap.
However, when we started testing our K9 Athlete line last year, our multi-vitamin + joint supplement (New Dog) showed some pretty “miraculous” results.
When developing a new product, I think it’s natural to second-guess results that seem too good to be true. We wonder if we’re seeing what we want to see. We think maybe we’re biased. I wondered if we were imagining that the dogs were getting around better and playing more like puppies again. Were our friends, family and colleagues in the industry sugarcoating the results that they were sending us in order to avoid disappointing us?
After months of observation and now countless customer testimonials, I’m excited to report that the results were real. We weren’t imagining anything and nothing was sugarcoated.
We get calls, emails, text and videos every week now from happy K9 Athlete customers. New Dog can actually breathe new life into these animals. Whether your dog is suffering from an injury, disease, or simply old age with joint pain, arthritis and mobility issues. A scoop of New Dog can help change his or her quality of life.
New Dog might be the product I am most proud of Wilderness Athlete for creating this last year. It has broken barriers into a new industry and proven to be the most effective solution available.
Going forward, we want to work even harder to help you and your K9 Athlete live long and healthy lives. We’ll be starting a K9 Athlete newsletter with science, tips and ideas, nutrition information, product recommendations, etc. if you are interested in being a part of this newsletter please click here to sign up. Right now our plan is to send only one email a month. We don’t want to spam you, we just want to connect even better with our K9 Athlete customers.

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If you are a dog owner and have not tried the product yet, please give it a try. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your purchase. If you feed New Dog to your dog for one month and do not see results, send it back to us and we’ll refund your money. I am confident that you will not need to do so.

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