Brook’s Range of Alaska to chase Dall’s Sheep

Feat. | Erick Van Woerkom

It was 6 or so years ago that I decided I wanted to experience The Brook’s Range of Alaska to chase Dall’s Sheep. If you are familiar with sheep hunting, you know that it isn’t easy to just get up and go.

A few of the challenges of getting on a Dall’s Sheep hunt are money, time & being physically fit enough to traverse the rugged country. Despite my busy schedule, lack of time and having a young family, I decided I was going to budget, sacrifice, and make it happen.

Tags are expensive, flights are tricky and being away from work costs time and money as well – especially when you own your own company. I budgeted and saved for years along with working extra jobs to be able to make this bucket list hunt come to fruition. Sheep hunts often last 10-14 days, that’s a long time to be gone away from work and family. My wife was not looking forward to chasing two rambunctious little girls by herself while I was gone, it took sacrifice on both her end and mine for this adventure to happen. Once I had saved the money, booked the trip with Jonah’s Alaskan Outfitters and realized that this was going down – it was time to get in shape. Being in shape is a must if you’re going to hunt Alaska, the terrain is truly rugged and unforgiving. I spent many early Winter mornings in the gym and Spring mornings on the mountain getting my legs & lungs strong and in shape for the Alaska backcountry.

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