PALEO(ish) Beef Protein

Whether you’re a body builder, an endurance athlete, or just an active person, adequate protein consumption is a concept you are very familiar with. If you’d like a refresher on the details of how dietary proteins support your health, review our Label Readers Digest article on Protein HERE. Dietary protein is at the core of our muscles strength, endurance, and ability to recover from training, those facts are well established and understood. The increasingly informed age of sports nutrition that we live in has increased its focus on the source of the dietary proteins we consume. In the evolving search for the perfect protein supplement, beef protein powder has surfaced with some “juicy” attributes that have earned its way into our new PALEO(ish) Beef Protein formula.

So why should one choose to use a beef protein powder product over any of the other supplements available that use whey, casein, soy or a blend of all as its source of dietary protein? The answer is both biological and personal. If you conform to the paleo diet, beef protein powder meets some very important criteria that the paleo diet is fairly rigid on. As any experienced paleo dieter will tell you – dairy, soy, and gluten are avoided like the plague and beef protein passes the test as being dairy, soy, and gluten free. Biologically, the Beef Protein Isolate used in our new PALEO(ish) shakes is naturally high in amino acids alanine, arginine, glutamic acid, glycine, and proline. Additionally, our Beef Protein Isolate contains a significant amount of leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

The beef protein used in our new PALEO(ish) Beef Protein shakes comes from grass-fed cattle, which we know to be a far healthier diet for cattle than corn. The resulting Beef Protein Isolate powder is 99.9% protein – making it virtually free of fat, cholesterol, and carbohydrates. In addition to containing all essential amino acids and a bountiful amount of BCAAs with muscle-supportive peptides, our Beef Protein Isolate is fully tested for microbiological content, enteric bacteria, heavy metals, and macronutrient composition.

PALEO(ish) Hydrate & Recover

As an athlete, you have a firm understanding of the role hydration plays in your physical strength, endurance, and cognitive function. Without properly balance electrolytes and minerals in your system, the physical endurance and energy metabolism needed to function at a high level will fall short. With PALEO(ish) Hydrate & Recover, we prioritized the inclusion of the  same electrolyte, Branched Chain Amino Acid, and mineral composition that has made Hydrate & Recover an industry leading formula in sports nutrition. What sets PALEO(ish) H&R apart is that we used not a single added sweetener to achieve what we are confident you will find to be a very refreshing and enjoyable taste.

If you’ve ever felt your heart beating through your chest and lungs starving for oxygen, you’ve felt that exhaustion which craves cold fluids to bring you back to earth. Based on our personal experience and feedback from elite athletes, we know that sweet, rich flavor is not preferable during these intense moments. When formulating PALEO(ish) Hydrate & Recover, we removed the added fructose and Sucralose and instead relied on the natural sweetness of the pineapple extract in the flavor.

By containing ZERO added sugar (only 2g naturally occurring from fruit), we are able to stick as close to the principles of the Paleo Diet as possible. Adhering to the Paleo Diet is not the only benefit of this change, however. While we prioritizes low sugar content in all Wilderness Athlete products (we have beaten to death the detrimental effects of sugar in previous articles), we are always striving to improve our products where possible for the benefit of your health and physical performance.