There seems to be two well know wants when it comes to basic human desires, to be fit, and have a thick bankroll. So how can we achieve both? Let’s talk about a home gym and how you can set it up, save money, and ditch all the big excuses for why you’re missing your training time.

If you’ve toured your local CrossFit, or box gym, you’ve likely got a taste of the pretty price tag that comes along with having that shiny little membership tag attached to your keys. Although the accountability, camaraderie, and group classes can definitely help you stay committed, getting started in the gym can be an anxiety-laden event, especially for those who may be new to training. Not to mention travel time to and from the gym, waiting for machines, communal showers, and avoiding altogether the sweat splatters of Joe’s new PR. 💦

So, if you’re looking for an easy, and economical way to start working toward your goals from home, this is for you. Here’s how you can bypass the gym altogether, save some serious cash, and create your home gym for under $100. Well, $99 to be exact.

Resistance bands:

Bands will allow you to work targeted muscle groups in various ways, and can also add more resistance if you find yourself using lightweight dumbbells. Resistance bands come in all shapes, sizes, and lengths. You can find Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands for $9 on 


These are a staple in my day to day training, from lifts to weighted rucks, sandbags are a great way to challenge the body, add functional resistance, and serve many purposes. There are many great brands including Brute Force, but in the spirit of saving some cash, find the Pseudois Workout Sandbags here for $30.


A plyobox is another easy way to get a variety of functional movements in from home and can be used to work on upper body, core, lower body, even cardio. If you’re handy you can probably whip one of these together DIY style, if not, Yes4All makes a 3 in 1 for $45.

Jump rope:

You may be having instant flashbacks from gym class, but don’t be fooled jumping rope is an easy and portable way to burn calories, and work off those extra pounds. Throw one into your home gym, and get your heart rate up, YZLSPORTS Adjustable Jump Rope offers one for $7. 


What the heck are sliders? Let me tell you, these babies will get your body burning in ways you’ve never even imagined. These small and virtually weightless tools will allow you to focus on isolating movements and increasing the overall workload. AZURELIFE Exercise Core Sliders has a two-pack for $8 (and it comes with a full instruction on how to use them).

All of the above will start your new home gym off on the right course, and gives you plenty of options for training your body head to toe. Find everything mentioned in the links above for convenience, and remember, no excuse has to be used. 

Also, keep in mind that you can crush total body sessions with just your body weight too. Don’t get wrapped up in needing all the latest and greatest gear and gadgets, especially those big tickets items. As you increase your strength and build consistency add some additional dumbbells, kettlebells, or additional resistance bands. 

* PRO-TIP: resistance bands make staying consistent and focused during travel easy. Next time you plan to hit the road throw them in your bag, and use them.

They also make those limited time workouts super beneficial by increasing the muscle fibers required for movement. As you progress through each exercise’s range of motion the workload increases giving you all the benefits of weight lifting, and then some.