Exercise & Mental Health

facebookyoutubelinkedininstagramIt’s been common knowledge for a long time that exercise has many physical benefits; increasing strength and improving cardiovascular health, helping to control weight, etc. What isn’t as well understood are the many mental benefits as...

Routine & Our Animal Brain

facebookyoutubelinkedininstagram‘We are what we repeatedly do, so excellence is not an act but a habit’ - Aristotle Aristotle was right of course, but there’s more- if excellence is a habit, then so is mediocrity! The outcome depends on the quality of your habits....


There is something about the warm rays of summertime sunshine that just make us feel good. Perhaps its our body thawing out from the effects of long fall days sitting in a treestand waiting on a whitetail or the frozen wintry months that follow. The summertime days...

What is your relationship with food?

What isyourrelationship with food?We all have a relationship with food, and much of the time, it's complicated!be smarter than your foodbe smarter than your foodMost of us go through phases where we are inspired and ‘eat clean’, but then other times fall into less...

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