If I know anything for sure, it’s that we all have felt the midday slump. You know the one that comes in like a lightning bolt and zaps every bit of energy you had and leaves you begging to call it a day at 2 pm. This is bad news unless you don’t have anything going on and can lay down for a nap every day. In that case, we’re all jealous. The rest of us would like to get more done.

The problem is we tend to overfill our plate, neglect sleep, over stress, and over caffeinate – not a good approach if you’re looking for consistency and energy in your life. 

Here are five ways to get over the midday coma, regain your energy, and get more done in the afternoon. 

#1: Monitor your morning caffeine.

It can be easy for you to wake up and undo the groggy vibe with an extra cup or two of coffee, maybe even a stop at the coffee shop for an espresso. Please do yourself a big favor and cut it back to one cup in the morning and avoid crashing later in the day. You can even save your second helping of caffeine for lunch hour. Just know, it will take a little bit for you to feel the effects of this. You may feel more groggy for a while as your body readjusts. 

#2: Avoid the 2-o-clock slump with a snack.

If you work a traditional 9-5, it may be difficult for you to get snacks through the workday. You may also be more likely to eat a bigger meal for lunch. Give yourself some nutritional balance and make sure to fill up on protein, not just carbs. You should also keep a well-balanced protein shake on hand and use that to boost your afternoon energy. 

My go-to: 1 scoop of Strawberry Meal Replacement with one scoop of Wild Berry Energy & Focus. It’s an energetic combo that will keep my energy up and allow me to go right to my workout after my workday without feeling hangry. 

Get more done with Meal Replacement Shakes
Get more done with Energy & Focus

#3: Limit your distractions and turn your phone on silent.

If you’re already feeling the after lunch “don’t want to’s” you are way more likely to open up your phone or a new browser on your computer and get lost in the screen. Cut the mid-day scroll by setting a mental limit and avoiding all social media, games, or nonwork/ productive apps in the afternoon (until after work would be ideal). If there’s something you have to do online, set yourself up for success, and set a timer. 

Pro tip: You are way more susceptible to being distracted if your blood sugar is low, so add in the shake above with this tip and up your chances of keeping your brain in the right place.

#4: Don’t save all the hard tasks for last.

If you are working off of a “to-do list,” which I can’t recommend enough, it can be easy to fall into the habit of getting the easy things done and then spending the rest of the day dreading the big stuff. Try flipping it around and getting the more taxing or mental tasks done first and saving the smaller, more manageable list for the afternoon. 

Pro tip: After you write your list, prioritize them. Next to each one, write a number and order them. After you finish one thing, you will know what needs your attention next.

#5: Get up and move.

If you find yourself ready to crawl into bed or feel like you are dead to the world, you could just be downregulating into preservation mode – a slowed metabolism can make you sleepy. Get your heart rate up and increase your energy. If you can go for a walk, outdoor is best but in the office or stairway works too. You can also throw in some squats, push-ups, lunges, or tricep dips from your workspace. 

Pro tip: Get your co-workers involved. If you’re already tired, then making yourself move is hard. Make an accountability pack with others in your office and set a daily work challenge.

For example, every morning, you can start an office challenge of 100 bodyweight squats, or 100 wall push-ups before the workday is over. Heck, you can make it more fun by turning it into a competition or go in on a reward for the most consistent for the month – get creative!

All in all, these habits can give you a significant boost in energy, keep you from being easily distracted, and overall help you get more done. Put them all together and use your increased focus for good things. Speaking of, don’t forget the Energy & Focus / Meal Replacement concoction. It’s an afternoon slump killer. If you really need a kick in the drawers, Edge has your back too.