“Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.”
– Ken Poirot

For some of us, it happens every week. We have a fun Saturday with our family, then maybe a relaxing Sunday. Monday morning rolls around and it’s like we forgot we had to go back to work and school! What’s for breakfast? What do the kids need for lunch? Who’s making dinner tonight? Can you stop by the grocery on the way home? Never mind, I’ll just grab some takeout on the way home, I’m exhausted already!

This cycle is as hard on the waistline as it is on the wallet.

So here’s one tip. Take 60 minutes today or tomorrow (or whatever day your weekend is) and make a list of everything you’ve got going on this week. Football practice or concerts at the kid’s school. Hike with your buddies after work. Late shift on Wednesday. Gym on Thursday morning.

Then go through each day and ask yourself, “what’s one thing I can do each day to make it easier on myself to eat better this week?” It might be meal prepping all your lunches ahead of time. Or maybe making a big pot of chili on Tuesday that will heat up great on Wednesday when you get home late. Maybe it’s having the kids pick out their healthy breakfasts for the week ahead of time. It could be packing a Meal Replacement in your gym bag so you don’t have to worry about breakfast that morning. Maybe even plan which night you’re going to take the family out for a special dinner, rather than letting it be a last resort.

Then go do the things you’ve identified as helpful! Don’t just hope and wish that maybe this week you’ll get your act together. Get it together and plan your week on Saturday and Sunday.

Meal prepping an entire week seems daunting. We hear all the time that it’s just too much work. Alright then, just do one thing this week. I guarantee that it will make your week easier, and next week you’ll be looking for another thing to improve.

Remove the obstacles that are in your way. Even if they seem small at first. Your wallet, your waistline, your goals and your family will be better off for it.