Are you missing another work out because last minute you realize you got out of town without gym clothes, didn’t throw any weights in your rig, or you’re on the road and can’t check into your local club? Although there are many opportunities for missed workouts and skipped gym dates, you can prevent the disappointment that comes after you fall off by having a arsenal of no equipment workout. 

When all you need to do is show up, there’s no reason not to get it done. Hell, you don’t even have to put on pants for this workout (unless, of course, you’ll be heading to the gym). 

Zero equipment = no excuses. View the workout here.

The Moves

Plank crunches with Push-Ups – From hand plank position stabilize your core and alternate, bringing your knee toward your elbow, then return your foot to plank position and repeat on the other side. Complete the movement with a push- up. 

For beginners: you can modify this movement by doing the push-up from your knees.

Walk-Outs with Dynamic Plank – Start in a standing position, feet are hip-width apart. Forward fold and walk your hands out to a plank position, with your hands directly under your shoulders on the mat. Next, rotate your feet and torso, bringing your hand up toward the sky and looking up toward it. Repeat on the other side.

For beginners: You can modify this by walking out to plank, putting your knees on the ground, and rotating to a modified side plank, leaving your bottom knee on the floor.

UFC with Jump Squat – Begin this movement in a low squat position. Bring one knee gently down on to the mat, and then the other in a kneeling position. From there, return to a low squat hold and finish the move with a jump squat.

For beginners: this movement can be modified by skipping the jump squat and returning to standing position between each kneeling portion.

Walking Lunge with Twist – Give yourself a little room to move here. Step forward into a lunge with your elbows bent at 90 degrees and your hands forward. At the bottom of your lunge, rotate your torso away from the midline of your body over your forward leg, then back across your body to the other side. Finish by rotating your upper body back to the center. Be sure to stabilize your core and work on balance here. Push through the front heel and engage the glutes to come to standing. Perform this move on both sides. 

For beginners: you can use a walking stick or trekking pole for balance if needed. 

Alternating Toe Touches – From a supine lying position, bring your feet over your hips and extend your legs straight. Then engage your core and bring your upper body off the ground, reaching your opposite hand to the outside of your opposite foot.

For beginners: If you need additional neck support, you can gently cradle your head in your hands and rotate your elbow toward your opposite knee.

Ski Jumps – Start with legs wider than hip-width and your core engaged. Hop or jump to the side, landing on one leg and bring your opposite hand down to the foot, keeping your back flat and midsection strong. Then hop or jump to the other side and repeat. Try and stay in a low and engaged position throughout this movement. 

For beginners: You can make this a low impact movement by taking the jump out of it and stepping to one side and then the other.

Training Recommendation: 6 Movements X 30 seconds each with 90 seconds rest between each complete circuit X 3-5 rounds

This no equipment workout can be tailored to your fitness level by increasing or decreasing the intensity of the movements or increasing/ decreasing rest time between each completed circuit. Aim to add this no equipment workout into your weekly routine 1 or 2 times a week until you feel like it is becoming easy to do – then spice it up with new moves.