The most functional movement that you can do on a daily basis is walk. We walk every day regardless of whether or not we are training anything else. This “Half Mile of Hell” challenge is going to test your functional core strength as well as your upper body strength.


What you need:

1. 40 yards.
2. Two 32kg kettlebells, one 28kg kettlebell and one 24kg kettlebell.

*You can substitute with the corresponding dumbbell weight if you don’t have kettlebells. Also, feel free to scale these weights down if these weights are too heavy. But find a weight that is difficult enough to make it hurt!


– Pick up the 1st two weights (32kg kettlebells) and walk 40 yards down and back with the weight at your sides.
– Next, pick up the second weight (28kg kettlebell)  in one hand and walk down 40 yds keeping your off hand up at shoulder height, switching hands at the end and walk back.
– Pick up the last weight (24 kg kettlebell) and hold it overhead, again with your off arm out to the side at shoulder height. Walk down and back, switching hands on the way back.
– Repeat for 4 total sets and try to complete the challenge in under 15 minutes.
– If you don’t make it under 15 minutes, record your total distance.

No Running – It’s Cheating


These static holds target your core muscles, traps, deltoids, posterior chain, and you will definitely be “feeling” the burn in your forearms, increasing your overall grip strength. Again, this workout is rooted in functional training. It is especially useful for backcountry training and everyday life. This challenge will help you break through plateaus mentally and physically and is a great workout to break up the monotony of your normal gym routine.


1. Leaning to one side to compensate for the opposing weight. Try and stay as upright as possible using your core.
2. Start with weights you know you can do. Decrease your rest time first rather than increasing your weight.
3. Don’t let the farmer carry pull your neck and scapula forward, creating a hunched look. Pull your scapula back and focus on keeping your chest up.

Track your times and try to decrease your time each time!

 Let us know how you like it, good luck 💪