Right about now, I think most of you out there are getting pretty antsy for the coming hunting seasons. I know I am. We’ve waited through a long winter, maybe gotten out for some spring hunts, but never stopped dreaming of fall. Fall hunting seasons are the big show. It’s what we train for all year. Whether you’re chasing bugles in the timber or stalking velvet above the clouds, there is no denying the benefits of honing your physical fitness for these adventures.This means crushing comfort zones, staying diligent, and training for the task at hand, which is hunting. We need to train like we mean it and not merely float by with a participation trophy

Crush Your Comfort Zone

Train Like You Mean It Crush Comfort

It is natural for us to seek comfort. Comfort and convenience flow through our daily lives like a strong spring run off. We live in temperature controlled housing, have food delivered to our doors, and get pissed when the WIFI goes out. Our workouts are no stranger to these comfort demons either. Over time, it’s common to get too comfortable when training. We go to the gym, do the same old routine, with the same amount of reps, in the same amount of time. Are we getting our workout in? Yeah. But, are we progressing towards our goals? No. Comfort can be the thief of progression.

What’s important here is recognizing getting stuck in that comfort zone. Recognize it, then take action and crush it. For instance, if you’ve been running 5 miles for months, why not push to 6?  Once you’re comfortable with 6 miles, push it to 7. Keep on moving the needle, and you’ll keep on furthering your progress. You could also try switching up your workouts to something different. Instead of running, try hitting the gym to lift weights or doing a weighted pack hike.

Crushing your comfort zones is not only good for furthering your physical game, but also your mental game. When we’re in the field, there are bound to be times when we want to quit or are feeling down. It’s hard to see what’s on the other side of that grind in the moment, but you never will if you don’t go there. So, getting used to breaking down these mental barriers is huge and could be the difference between tag soup and fresh back-straps over a fire.

Train Like You Mean It for the Task at Hand

Let’s be honest here. There are just some workouts that get more press than others. They are the “sexy” workouts. Bench pressing is great, but unless you’re planning on getting up off of the ground a lot, then it doesn’t make sense to focus there for hunting purposes. So, instead of focusing on those trendy workouts, let’s try to focus our training for the task at hand. For hunting, we need endurance, strong legs, core strength, and a strong back. Think about how you can incorporate working these areas into your favorite ways to workout. If you like going to the gym, put an emphasis on working these muscle groups. If hiking is your thing, consider throwing on a weighted backpack for your hike. I’m not going to say there is a one size fits all routine, because all of us are different. And that right there is some of the beauty behind all of this. We can customize our workouts to reflect both us and our needs as hunters.

Stay Diligent

Train Like You Mean It Stay Diligent

If there is one area that is a consistent downfall among people wanting to get in shape, it’s consistency. With how busy our daily lives are, it’s understandable why it’s so common to miss a workout, or two….or three. It happens and that’s ok. What’s important is getting back into the groove of things, so we don’t lose what we gained, or could gain. Progress takes time and staying diligent about our training is an intricate part of that progress.

There are lots of tips and tricks out there to make sure you don’t miss your workout to begin with. Planning ahead is essential for busy schedules. For instance, at our house, if something is written down on the calendar, we rarely miss getting it done. Setting alarms is also incredibly helpful to keep on track. And being ready to go in the first place should be taken into consideration as well. Have your workout bag/gear prepared beforehand. Lastly, utilizing pre-workouts and post workouts can be extremely beneficial to staying diligent. Pre-workouts like Brute Force will help provide lasting energy to push through a workout. Post-workouts like Brute Strength will help aid in the recovery process so that you can get up and keep going the next day.

If you are just starting to workout or if you have completely fallen out of your routine, there are a few more things you can do to jump start a workout regimen. Starting can be the hardest part sometimes. Hunting season isn’t going to wait for you though, so it’s time to get with the program! First, I haven’t met someone that doesn’t benefit from having a workout buddy. Both of you can help one another push through tough training exercises, as well as hold one another accountable with time. Workout programs are another great way for one to build a routine around working out. I recently finished the 28 Day Reboot and came out with much more discipline than when I started.

You can read about my experience with the 28 Day Reboot HERE.

Your Results Will Speak for Themselves

Train Like You Mean It Results

At the end of the day, what you get out of your training is on you. You can be your own worst enemy or your most trusted ally. Take the reins, crush your comfort zones, and be your most trusted ally. The reason we hit the gym or trail is to better ourselves. And for us hunters, we are trying to not only live a higher quality of life, but are trying to be in the best shape possible for our demanding hunts ahead. So, if we want to progress in the mountains, we need to progress in our training. Neither can be stagnant if we want to push forward. Don’t let comfort steal what is yours. Don’t just merely exist in your training. Train like you mean it.