Simple and Sinister Workout

A few weeks back, we showed you the technique for proper kettlebell swings and Turkish get-ups.

One of the most famous workouts using these two kettlebell movements is Pavel Tsatsouline’s Simple and Sinister program. Pavel Tsatsouline is a legendary strength coach and the man who brought kettlebells to the United States back in 1998.

Like the name states, this workout looks simple, but the full body exertion can only be described as SINISTER.


  • 10 sets of 10, 1-handed kettlebell swings (alternating hands) for 100 total reps.
  • You will follow this with a quick break
  • Finish off the workout with 10 Turkish get ups, alternating sides.

Make sure that you choose a kettlebell weight that is comfortable for you. Remember you will be performing 10 sets of 10, so start out relatively light.

The goal is to finish the kettlebell round in under 5 minutes.

Make Sure to incorporate a sound warm-up prior to starting this workout!

This is a great full-body workout! The Kettlebell is the ultimate quick lift and it raises your heart rate and increases cardiovascular health. The Turkish get-ups are slow and steady and require tremendous static strength.

This can be your complete workout or you can supplement it with your standard strength program. It’s perfect and portable for your at-home gym or if you would like to workout outside. By incorporating both cardio and strength work, this workout is great prep for the backcountry.