Wilderness Athlete Dynamic Warmup

Every warm-up will be different, depending on your fitness level, and the goal of your workout. Starting off, begin with these basic goals for every warm-up as outlined by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Warm your joints, muscles, and prep your body for exercise with mobility movements.

If you’ve got one, now is also a great time for foam rolling.


  • Get your heart pumping by starting with a slow jog, bike ride, or jump rope to slowly raise your heart rate and body temperature. 
  • Once you start to warm up, we will start the Dynamic warmup. Begin with a couple of these core moves that we have combined together for a great dynamic stretch.


*Each one of these movements should be around 30-60 seconds in length or 10-15 reps.*

Toy Soldiers

  • This move targets the hamstrings. Slowly kick up each leg, focus on keeping your core tight.

 Knee Hugs 

  • This exercise targets your Hips, Glutes, and Hamstrings. Slowly bring each knee to your chest using your arms to aid you.

Outer Thigh 

  • Start by bringing your knee up and folding your knee out by pulling your foot in. Use your hands to support your knees and your foot. 

Hip Crossover

  • This stretch is going to target your lower back flexibility. Start slow and rock your knees as low as they can go while trying to keep your upper body flat on the floor. Focus on keeping your knees together and not forcing it. 

The Worlds Greatest Stretch  

  • Start with a long lunge and raise each arm separately, targeting the groin, hips, upper and middle back.

 Childs Pose 

  • This move targets the quads and hips flexors. Use a mat if needed because this can be tough on some knees.

The Sumo Squat Stand

  • Start with your hands under your feet or on your ankles. Drop into a squat stance and try and work those elbows to push out your knees and really focus on trying to keep your chest up atthe bottom position. All rules for squat form apply here.


  • This is a great move to warm up the shoulders and scapula and it also targets the pecs and triceps. Bring the weight back behind our head, and back around to the front. Go one way and then bring it back around the other way staying controlled.

***If any of these movements provide any sort of pain please avoid them. 

***Explore different routines and make yours specific for what your goals are.