Medicinal Berry With Multiple Healing Properties

In present day society, most ailments, discomforts, diseases, and imbalances have an easily prescribed remedy that comes with a pharmaceutical cocktail and a candid visit with your doctor. This approach comes with many conveniences that often leave us wondering how we ever overcame such issues without modern medicine.

Ancient cultures turned to the earth, discovering immensely powerful herbs that we have come to know as adaptogens. One such adaptogen is Schisandra. Native to northeast China and parts of Russia, Schisandra berries have been utilized for thousands of years to fight fatigue, reduce inflammation, increase energy, and alleviate the effects of stress.

Modern science has begun to reveal the biochemical mechanisms behind Schisandra, and the health benefits are far too great to ignore.

One of Schisandra’s greatest benefits is its ability to fight inflammation. At the root of many diseases, acute and systemic inflammation are related to many conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Gomisin A, a naturally occurring chemical in Schisandra, blocks the production of a fatty acid called arachidonic acid which is used in the body to make leukotrienes, leading to inflammatory responses. Schisandra also helps control the release of leukocytes, which promote inflammation. In addition to fighting inflammation, Schisandra goes to work against free radicals which cause cellular and tissue damage, and ultimately speed up the aging process. (

Stress management and mental performance are also areas of health Schisandra can facilitate improvement. By naturally balancing hormone releases, Schisandra can increase our ability to withstand both physical and psychological stressors. Adaptogenic herbs like Schisandra have been used for thousands of years to elevate our body’s resilience to anxiety, toxin exposure, and mental fatigue. By nurturing the adrenal glands, the production of stress hormones such as cortisol is better controlled and can lead to increased cognitive function, physical endurance, and metabolic health. Stress, being the key opponent of energy production and immune function, leads to a litany of health issues and detracts from the body’s ability to support functions like reproductive health, visual function, and cardiovascular health.

As with most adaptogens, Schisandra’s medicinal benefits are far reaching into many areas of our health. This powerful herb has been linked to liver detoxifying enzyme production, improved digestion and removal of harmful waste from the body, improved skin conditions associated with inflammation, and heightened fertility and libido strength through improved hormonal production. The broad and significant impact Schisandra extract can have on our lives has yet to become marketed as heavily as the latest concoction from, big pharma, and probably never will be. Luckily for you, this biological gem does not require a prescription and can be found in products such as our Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover, Altitude Advantage, and Precision Vision.