CrossFit For The Wilderness Athlete Part 2


Right now is the time of the year where you should be at your physical “peak”. The animals are active, the weather is cooling down, and even out here in Phoenix, Arizona I am able to walk outside without bursting into flames! Many of you have prepared hard and are consistently out in the wilderness, but there are also a few of you who have been ambushed by the passing days and you now need to catch up. For both of these individuals, CrossFit or HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is going to be a very effective option for two main reasons: scalability and time efficiency.

To be able to see results in anything that you do, there needs to be intensity period. Proper form, however, is as or more important. We have seen people sacrifice technique for speed when trying to shoot for the RX(prescribed) version of a workout. Deep inside their pride will simply not allow them to take it slow and they may end up hurting themselves in the process.

What the smart athlete must do is take advantage of one of the main benefits of CrossFit, scalability. The ability to scale down a workout so that it is suitable for that athlete’s strength and mobility, and skill level. During each class, everyone does the same workout, but that workout will always have several scaling options. This makes it possible for everyone participating in the workout to work alongside one another safely. Ultimately, every workout is “scaled” to best fit you. Being able to complete a scaled version of the WOD (Workout Of the Day) and time your completion of each workout allows you to track your progress without the need of a personal trainer or even a gym. Set a time that you wish to reach first, then once you reach that goal gradually increase your weights that you are working with.

This week we are going to give you an RX (prescription) workout and a scaled version that you can perform and post your times. I would ask you to first complete the scaled version if you have any doubt about the movements or weight. The aphorism “know thyself” comes to mind if you decide to engage in this workout.

To make this interesting we are going to make this a contest. If you guys can film the workout and the time that you got and post it on your Instagram, tagging #WildSkills and #WildernessAthlete, the top three times in Rx will receive a tub of our NEW PALEO Hydrate and Recover (Arizona Sunrise) and Paleo Protein (flavor of your choice).  In addition, we will select 3 winners at random in the scaled version submissions who will also receive the Hydrate and Recover and the Paleo Protein.


6 Deadlifts 6 Deadlifts (lighter weight, kettlebell,dumbbell)
7 Strict Pull-Ups 7 Ring Rows
8 Box Jumps (24″/20″) 8 Step-Ups (24″/20″)