When I reflect back on my first experiences with a bow and arrow it really strikes me how far technology has come since then in the archery and bowhunting world. That first bow looked like something out of a Rambo movie and was about as clunky as clunky could get. Nonetheless, it still captivated me. I remember the bow sight vividly. It looked like something that was built in a back alley with nothing more than a hammer and screwdriver. The pins were painted with tiny colored dots. Fiber optics? I didn’t know anything of the sort. Moving those pins around was a nightmare as well. Yeah, things have come quite a long ways since those days. When I compare that old sight to that of the new Black Gold Pro Sight, that we’ll talk about today, I quickly realize that there isn’t much comparing to do. Black Gold has been putting out quality sights for more than a few years and this new Pro Sight is definitely a step up from previous models, which is saying a lot. In a world where things are constantly progressing, this sight doesn’t disappoint in the least bit.

Overview of Black Gold Pro Sight

Black Gold Pro Sight Overview

So, what is the new Black Gold Pro Sight? How is it different from older models? Before we look at what’s different, let’s look at what is the same. All Black Gold sights come equipped with their patented PhotoChromatic Shell. This shell turns colors in bright light vs. dim light and controls the brightness of the fiber optic pins. There is no halo effect with this design. Another favored feature is the “Dial of Death.” This allows one to dial in ranges well past 100 yards in mere seconds. Precise adjustments for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis are other features to note. These come in handy for western hunting especially where shooting at steep angles is a normal occurrence. Of course this new sight is built to last as well. Lastly, Black Gold offers a killer unconditional warranty on all of their products. Peace of mind is huge in the field, and Black Gold knows that.

New Features of the Black Gold Pro Sight

Black Gold Pro Sight Features

Now, what is different about this new sight? Something that you’ll notice right off of the bat is a new dovetail system. This new design is what Black Gold is calling their Wing Truss Dovetail system. The Wind Truss is constructed from a robust 6061 aluminum. Meaning that it’s lighter than other carbon models, but gives you the dependability and ruggedness of aluminum. This allows a hunter to remove the sight with incredible ease from their bow, should they need to. Because of the notched system on the dovetail, one can get that sight right back to where it was before they took it off to ensure continued accuracy.

Black Gold close up

Another big stand out with the Pro is it’s micro adjust system. I don’t think I’ve seen a sight with more ability for micro adjust than this one. There is micro adjust for the whole sight housing, individual pins, gang pin adjustment, and 3rd axis! With all of that micro adjust capability, it makes setting this up a dream. The new system is super easy to use and seems pretty robust like all other Black Gold products.

Pro sight

Something else to note is that those individual pins are actually Black Gold’s new Pro Pin. Unlike designs in the past, these new Pro Pins take up way less real estate. The pin throat tapers which does two things. One, it opens up the sight housing more letting a hunter see better. Two, it makes that pin really stick out. There isn’t a big black bar that leads out to a pin anymore. It’s a sleek pin throat that puts the focus more on the pin itself, which lends to more defined accuracy.

First Impressions

First impressions

My first impressions of the new Black Gold Pro Sight were great. As someone that has used Black Gold for years on end, I knew that this new sight wouldn’t disappoint. It’s a sleek design, which I think is important. I always tell people that this stuff is expensive, so we better like what it looks like before dropping our hard earned money on it. Besides the sight’s appealing shell, it is a functionality beast. It screams ease of use and lends to the hardcore bowhunters of the world. The micro adjust and precision that the Pro Sight offers is stellar. We got this setup very quickly in the shop due to the micro adjust features.

All of this cool stuff comes at a price though, which is my only complaint thus far on the sight. This new toy is going to set a hunter back about $450. That’s a steep price for a bunch of features that will likely only be used right at the beginning of the sight’s lifespan on your bow. A bowhunter could spend a quarter of that on a simple 5 pin Black Gold model and be fine out in the field. We like our tech goodies though right? So, for someone like me that is a self admitted gear nerd, I was all over this thing. Another possible downside is the more moving parts equals more problems theory. This had me worried at first. After messing with the sight though, I don’t think this is going to be an issue. I think Black Gold had this in mind when designing the new sight and that shines after you’ve used it a bit.

In the Field

In the field

Once I left the pro shop, I couldn’t wait to get the new Pro Sight out to the range to really test out the functionality of it. The new pin design and micro adjust were things that really held my anticipation. I’m always looking for ways to be more accurate so these features intrigued me.

Sighting in the bow was a breeze. Of course right at the start, there was a small learning curve of how to actually use the micro adjust knobs properly. Basically, you would loosen one screw, use the micro knob to adjust and then tight said screw back down. For the pins, you’d loosen a screw, then loosen the corresponding screw for the pin, then use the micro adjust knob. Once the pin is where you want, tighten down the pin screw, then the first screw you loosened. I know that might sound complicated reading it, but I promise it isn’t that bad once it’s in your hands. I’ve never used micro adjust for anything, so that may be why there was a slight learning curve for myself. In the end, this feature is something I’m really happy with. Never have I sighted in a bow that quick before. There was no “oops, I moved the pin too far” accounts.

Pro Pin

The new Pro Pin design has been really nice as well. I’ve definitely experienced an increase in my precision. Not having those thicker pin throats in there makes a big difference. There were times in the past with other sights where they would cover up my view of certain things in my sight window. When you might be aiming at something like a black bear, this is huge. It’s hard enough picking a spot to aim on one, so having this new design I think will really help in that regard. You’ll see more bear than pin throat.

Bow nock

The new Wing Truss Dovetail was also something that I was impressed with. I recently just got a new bow case that requires me to take my sight off. With this new design, it makes it super easy to reattach the sight and get it right back to where it needs to be. I’m also a huge fan of the strength and functionality without a sacrifice on weight. This is important to me, as backpack hunting is a huge passion of mine.


  • PhotoChromatic Technology
  • Black Gold’s Unconditional Warranty
  • Micro Adjustments(Sight housing, gang pin, individual pin, 3rd axis)
  • New Pro Pin design offers stellar accuracy and clearer sight picture


  • Micro Adjust takes some getting used to
  • Pricey
  • More screws might mean more to come loose in the field
  • New dovetail might require one to remove the sight from bow to fit in some bow cases


Black Gold Pro Sight Closing

When it’s all said and done, I think Black Gold hit a home run with the Pro Sight. Their unconditional warranty paired with the mountain of features in this new rig is going to be very appealing to bowhunters everywhere. I’d venture to say that the Pro Sight is going to grace the presence of many bows across the country this year and aid in more than a few freezer fillings. While it may be pricey, as we all know, you get what you pay for. This sight is no exception to that rule. As someone that has used it, and is using it this fall, I can tell you that I’ll be heading into season confident as ever. Bowhunting is hard enough as it is. Having quality tools of the trade to aid us in our pursuits go a long ways and Black Gold knows that. The new Pro Sight is light years away from the old haggard sight I mentioned at the beginning of this review, but they are light years in the right direction if you ask me. Man, I don’t miss those painted pins at all.

For more information on the Black Gold Pro Sight and others, visit www.blackgoldsights.com.