Knowledge concerning the health potential to lose body fat from use of Garcinia cambogia, a highly visible dietary supplement, has been before us for what seems like eons. In a sense, this happening is quite unusual. The popularity of most dietary supplements, especially those involved in weight loss, become prominent and remain so over a matter of months but eventually disappear from sight. How many times has the “magic bullet for weight loss” hit the supreme stage only to disappear into anonymity over time – usually within less than a year? Yet, this is not the case for Garcinia. Although it has had its “ups and downs”, Garcinia has persisted in there, i.e., in public view over many years. Accordingly, there must be something behind this miraculous survival. Could it be that this dietary supplement actually works — at least in

Early studies by Hoffman-Laroche and investigators at Harvard in the 70’s noted the ability of Garcinia to reduce energy input and block fat accumulation mainly in animal models. To this day after many clinical trials, its major weight loss effects are attributed to appetite suppression and the ability to significantly lessen fat production from carbohydrates. This is what has led many an interested spectator into a belief that there must be something there. If so, why hasn’t the truth sprung forth clearly for everyone to see?

The obvious answer is that many clinical studies examining it effects on weight loss have come up with a variety of findings, both positive and negative; a situation that pertains as well to most individual users who seek a magic bullet for weight loss. This has allowed both positive and negative comments to go forward. Suffice it to say, Garcinia cambogia in the mind of many is an ideal “weight loser,” while to others a fraudulent product that needs to be dealt with through banning by the government.

In this day and age, it is readily apparent that a vital need for an effective weight loss aid(s) is immense. While the truth is that most in society wish to shed excess fat to obtain a better appearance, the knowledge that fat accumulation can be linked to many chronic metabolic disorders in addition to diabetes and aging is widespread. Thus, an aid for weight loss would be highly beneficial to the general public in many respects.

The remedial key for success behind Garcinia cambogia depends on many vital factors including 1) obtaining an active form 2) taking an adequate amount and 3) doing such in a correct manner. With suitable knowledge along these lines, most individuals can expect a satisfactory outcome. Oncoming columns will follow up on these points in more detail.