What is Wild C8 MCT?

Wild C8 MCT is a medium-chain triglyceride that maximizes the production of ketones and delivers increased energy, mental clarity, appetite control, and performance. It is produced from natural palm oil and utilizes a proprietary technology that removes the majority of C10, C12, and long chain fatty acids. As a result, it delivers 95% pure caprylic acid (C8), which results in the highest production of ketone bodies.

C8 MCT molecule

How does Wild C8 MCT work?

MCT produces a ketone called beta-hydroxybutyrate through the beta-oxidation process. This ketone provides pure energy to fuel the human brain and muscles. Wild C8 MCT is the most efficient MCT for ketone production.

Caprylic Acid comparison

Who will benefit from using it?

• Athletes seeking improved performance.

• Anyone who is following a ketogenic diet.

• Individuals wanting to improve body composition

• Consumers seeking improved cognition and focus

• Adults needing increased energy.

Ketone comparison

Provides Maximum Ketogenic Effect

Wild C8 MCT has the highest ketogenic effect over 4~8 hours, producing 400% more ketones than coconut oil and 21% more ketones than regular MCT.[1]

Higher Beta-oxidation = More Ketone Production

  • Delivers 4X higher beta-oxidation rate than C10.
  • May also inhibit C10 beta-oxidation when used together. [2]
  • Fatty acids convert to Acetyl-CoA (an intermediate that produces ketones) through beta-oxidation.[3] A Higher beta-oxidation rate means more ketone production. [1]

May Increase The Body’s Ability To Burn Fat and Calories

Consumption of a diet rich in MCTs leads to greater fat loss compared with olive oil. [5]

MCT burns fat & calories

Improves Cognitive And Neurological Function

Higher ketone levels are associated with greater improvement in mental capacity and function with MCT treatment relative to placebo. [6]

Boosts Energy And Improves Athletic Performance

Exercise time to exhaustion at certain workload of tested athletes was significantly (p<0.05) longer in the MCT trial (10.2+/-7.6 min; mean+/-SD) than in the LCT (long-chain triglycerides) trial (5.8+/-3.3 min). [7]

MCT exhaustion time

Increases Satiety And Reduces Food Intake

MCT consumption results in a lower rise in triglycerides and glucose and increased levels of peptide YY and leptin compared with LCT. [8] Studies in animals suggest that dietary MCT C8 may suppress food intake by up to 50%. [9]

What makes Wild C8 MCT Unique?

With almost pure C8 (greater than 95%), Wild C8 MCT is optimized for the maximum production of cellular energy to fuel the brain and muscles. By isolating C8, rapid and sustainable energy is produced by the body far and above the capabilities of regular MCT products or coconut oil which typically rely on less-than-optimal sources of MCT such as C10 and C12.

The included L-carnitine maximizes your body’s ability to utilize fatty acids for energy, burn stored body fat, and boost cognitive function. We’ve also included Coenzyme Q10 to support your cells conversion of fat into usable energy, and to assist enzymes responsible for food digestion.

Wild C8 MCT comparison