These moves will help you see toned arms in no time.

Move #1: Lateral Raise

These are a staple in my own workout routine, and my clients know them well. Focus on your range of motion here, bringing your hands just to shoulder height and return to the starting position. If you need to, use a mirror for visual reference. As with any movement stay engaged with good posture and tight core.

Move #2: Arnold Press

No, you won’t look like Arnold after doing these, but you will have the kind of toned arms everyone is talking about. This movement hit’s many of the upper body muscles including the delts, triceps, traps, and serratus anterior – a must-do move for all you lady archers!

Move #3: Bent Over Row

This is a great one for the entire body. Core, back, shoulders, and traps, this powerful movement.

Move #4: Hammer Curl w/ External Rotation

Another beneficial movement right here! Shoulder health is important as overall strength. Be sure to control this movement with muscle engagement, not momentum.

Move #5: Tate Press

From a lying position bring your feet to the floor with your knees bent. To add more core concentration here, flatten your lower back into the floor, engage your core and bring your feet up to 90 degrees – hold this position through the exercise. Your chest, triceps, and core will be feelin’ the burn.

Now you have the moves, what next? Aim to add these chisling upper body movements in a few times a week, or in addition to your regular training program. Focus on proper form, and using enough weight to challenge your body. Feel free to interchange dumbbells, barbells, or resistance bands to add some variety, and make gains! Pretty soon you’re going to have envious toned arms – nice work. 

Training Recommendation – 5 Movements X 30 seconds each X 3-5 rounds