“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”
– Conficious

One of our greatest gifts as humans is our ability to adapt to almost anything, that includes our 30, 60, or 90 minute workouts. Today’s tip will not only strengthen your body and mind, but it will help you reach your goal faster.

Add 10 minutes to your workout.

We work really hard to build a routine that fits our goals and schedule, and that’s great. Inevitably though, mentally and physically we become conditioned to this block of time that we have to sweat, stay focused, and give it our all. Eventually, we adapt and the results we see from the same 30 or 60 minutes of training are less and less, we become stagnant.

Adding just 10 minutes to your workout can have dramatic results – depending on how frequently you train, you could add up to an hour of exercise each week. Not only will the added time get you to your goals quicker, forcing yourself to do 10 more minutes of work when you typically call it a day will strengthen your mental will-power.

*Pro-tipBrute Force and Energy & Focus include ingredients that will extend your workout threshold and delay the onset of fatigue, helping you spend more time in the gym.

Won’t adding another day of training to the week have the same effect? No. By adding the extra time to each workout, you more effectively activate the SAID principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand). In a nutshell, each minute of exercise done every day is more effective and efficient than if you added it all in one extra day.

How to spend the additional 10 minutes:

  • If your goal for the day is to run for 20 minutes, run 22, then 23, then 25 until you build the endurance you want.
  • For strength, add two more sets of a lift or introduce a new lift that targets the same muscle group.
  • If you want more flexibility, add 10 minutes of focused stretching to the end of your workout.

Gradually increasing this small increment of time to your routine is one of the easiest and quickest ways to see results. Just remember, if you’re not challenged, you won’t change.