“The most powerful weapon against your daily battles is finding the courage to be grateful anyway.”
– Unknown

Your body is an incredible machine capable of mind boggling feats – be grateful for it. Your family is an incredible resource in your life that gives you energy – be grateful for them.

As Wilderness Athletes we are driven, motivated, and rarely satisfied with the status quo or sub-par achievements. Staying focused on your goal and having a rigid mindset when it comes to your health is great. Staying grateful for your body, your health, and your loved ones is even better.

If you’re like me, this article will make gratitude stay front of mind for the next two or three days. Since that won’t cut it, here are some tips to make gratitude a lasting and motivating part of your life.

  • Start a “Gratitude Journal” – Write down one thing everyday that you’re grateful for, it doesn’t need to be complicated, but be specific. The trick is to do it intentionally and consistently (ex: I’m grateful for having the energy to make dinner for my family.)

  • Be social with your gratitude – Focus on who you’re grateful for in your life. Our relationships with others directly correlates to our happiness in life, so take time to think about the ones who make the biggest impacts in your life on a daily basis.

  • Express yourself – Write a brief gratitude letter to someone who you may not have properly thanked. Not only will it brighten this person’s day, it will add to your happiness as well. Discussing gratitude with others is also a great way to discover even more reasons in your life to give thanks.

So how does this help me be healthier or get closer to achieving my goals? The benefits of practicing gratitude are endless. We sleep better, we’re happier, we’re more positive, our immune systems even get stronger. When you start being grateful for everything you have and stop dwelling over the things you haven’t achieved yet, you’ll create an incredibly successful momentum in your life.

So what am I grateful for today?

YOU – a like minded person who has an interest in health and a soft spot in your heart for adventure, wild places, and the physical ability to go get it. Thank you.