Here are some all too common fails and how to fix them so you can quit falling off the wagon.

Fail #1: Too much too soon.

Fix: Start small. Instead of doing a lifestyle overhaul try limiting changes to 1 or 2 things at a time and build a foundation. Start with things that will be easier to change to build your confidence before going to harder to break habits.

Fail #2: You underestimated the time your goals would take to achieve. 

Fix: Reassess goals and create a starting place. Setting a timeline for goals is challenging, especially in areas that you haven’t had success before. Be realistic with your “deadline”, and break your BIG GOAL down into smaller ones.

Fail #3: Hitting burn out.

Fix: It’s easy for us to get tired of doing things that take work and sacrifice so, keep it fresh. Add in small bits of change and variety to your routine when you start feeling unmotivated or stagnant.

Fail #4: Over consuming too much “bro help” and getting overwhelmed with the noise.

Fix: Do research before you begin, find one approach and stick to it (for now). Only add or change your methods if what you are doing isn’t allowing you to make progress. No more yo-yo-ing, girl.

Fail #5: You give up too much and feel deprived.

Fix: Add something new (and healthy) in replace of what you are giving up, but also schedule in some of your “treats”, or “cheats” after periods of progress. Moderation is key, not deprivation. 

Fail #6: Not having support with your goals/ lifestyle.

Fix: Find an accountability team of two or more, that way there will always be one of you that can help give the others a boost for staying on track, and encouraging the group. Join a group or get involved in communities that support your goals.

Fail #7: Not recognizing progress, and celebrating victories.

Fix: Self-appreciation is so important. Keep tabs on progress by writing them down and taking a day a week to reflect on what you have accomplished. And, don’t be stingy. The little victories are a big part of the overall progress.

Fail #8: Not structuring time off, or incorporating “cheats”.

Fix: Find a balance in the amount of time you spend on your goals, and when it comes to food, find healthy alternatives to your cravings. Goals are a great thing to focus on but remember you are human, it’s ok to focus on downtime too – do it without telling yourself “you’re falling off the wagon”. Make it a very temporary deflection.

Fail #9: Being “too busy”.

Fix: Life is always going to be busy, so remember this, you have time for what you make time for. The things on your daily list are things you’ve allowed to be there. If you aren’t making enough time for yourself or goals, do some reconfiguring until you find the right balance. 

Fail #10: Staying in your comfort zone.

Fix: Get out and try new things, put events on your calendar, and have new experiences. Chances are you need a little of that “uncomfortable growth” in order to spark your fire and gain confidence. 

It’s easy falling off the wagon, and derailing when you are on a mission to make changes in your life. Go into your day knowing those opportunities are ahead of you, and when they present themselves, recognize them and make a plan. Be ready for it when it happens. If you can’t avoid it, or lose the battle with temptation, or excuse, brush it off and keep going. Rewrite your story every day – I know you can.