What went through your head when you heard about Kobe Bryant’s death this past weekend?

I wasn’t at home when I heard about it, and immediately I just wished that I was. I wanted to go home, see my family, pet my dogs and have dinner.

When people say we should “live today like it’s your last”, I think our minds go straight to more adventure, more fun, more excitement. But to be honest, if it was my last day, the people who were in it would matter more than anything else.

The day before Kobe passed away, a woman named Allie who worked with our friends at Swarovski Optik was killed in an ATV accident. She was 23 years old and she had just finished up helping her company through another successful year at SHOT Show.

One thought that crossed my mind while trying to comprehend the news was – ‘I saw her the day before. I should have told her that she did a great job.’

So maybe we don’t need to live today like it’s your last, because that’s really not reasonable is it? What we can do is this –

Treat the people in your life like you would if you knew it was their last day. Every single day.

You will die someday, we all know that. But before that happens, a lot of people you know are going to die. Why not slow down now, treat them with respect and spend some extra time with the ones you love?

Tell people you appreciate them. Make plans with the friend you haven’t seen in forever. Laugh with your co-workers. Hang out with your kids tonight. Pet your dogs. Kiss your wife or husband.

Don’t cut corners where it matters, in the end, it won’t be worth it.