Man Maker Exercise


Total body workout with minimal equipment and limited time. Push, pull, hinge, squat, and overhead body movements. It combines cardio and strength training at one time.

Equipment needed:

A pair of light dumbbells.


Step 1– Hop back into a plank position gripping the dumbbells with your feet at a comfortable width apart.

Step 2– Pushup into a single arm row bringing the dumbbell to your side.

Step 3– Pushup and row alternating arms.

Step 4– Hop forward and clean dumbbells to your shoulders

Step 5– Front Squat to Overhead Press and back to plank position. Repeat to step 1.


Total Workout:

3 sets of 5-6 reps with 30 seconds to a minute rest between sets


Tips to keep in mind:

1. Feet shoulder width apart or wider and avoid rocking side to side
2. Chest up
3. Chin neutral or tucked
4. Keep your core tight avoiding overextension