If Moomiyo sounds more like a cartoon character than anything you’d ever benefit from, you are amongst the millions of people who have been kept in the dark to one of the best kept natural performance enhancing secrets. Commonly known as shilajit, Moomiyo has a long and ancient history of being the most potent adaptogen with seemingly endless health benefits.

Moomiyo is filled with key nutrients like:

B-complex vitamins
Amino acids
Fulvic acids
Essential oils
Ionic minerals
& about 45 more micronutrients!


Moomiyo has many urban legends stemming from its ability to help fight various illnesses and enhance foundational health.*


In addition to being an “elixir of youth”, Moomiyo has perhaps an even stronger reputation for its role in elevating athletic performance and muscular development. Known as the “Conqueror of Mountains & Destroyer of Weakness”, Moomiyo has incredible anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic, and anabolic properties which have been shown to increase an athlete’s stamina, reduce muscle soreness, and increase the rate of lean muscle growth. It is Moomiyo’s growth-promoting and restorative properties that have lead it to be used by Russian military and Olympic athletes for decades.*


  • Helps fight stress, anxiety & depression*
  • Promotes mineral absorption*
  • Regulates hormones & immune system*
  • Alleviates pain response*
  • Helps prevent insomnia*
  • Improves blood circulation*
  • Fights inflammation & viruses*
  • Supports skeletal health*
  • Accelerates muscle growth*
  • Improves Recovery time*

Fulvic acid, being one of the key components of moomiyo, is the ultimate nutrient enhancer that we take in from organic compounds found in the earth’s soils. As a humid acid and active chemical compound, fulvic acid increases the absorption and utilization of other ingested nutrients such as fatty acids, electrolytes, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics. It is this enhancement of nutrient uptake in our cells that links fulvic acid to improved digestive health, neurological support, reduced free radical damage and inflammation, improved energy levels, and improved detoxification.


While fulvic acid was historically consumed naturally at higher levels from rich soils by humans, today most of us resort to other forms of supplements that boost our nutrient absorption. Few things can mimic the power of nature such as the microbial metabolism processes that create fulvic acid. It is for these benefits to our health and physical performance that Wilderness Athlete includes moomiyo in the formulations of both the non-caffeinated Ultimate Pre-Workout, and naturally caffeinated Brute Force.

Watch this video of Wilderness Athlete Chief Formulator
Rich Scheckenbach to learn more.